In 3 steps get rid of alcohol breath

Posted By Russell Haider on Jan 24, 2017 |

If you enjoy drinking alcohol, but afraid you will embarrass yourself if someone notices your alcohol breath, we have a great guide for you. Whether you are going to some function or an event, you don’t want to smell on booze. Fortunately, some tricks can help you get rid of that nasty smell.

Eat and drink

Try eating before and while you drink because the food can help you lower down the alcohol breath. While you eat, your mouth will produce more saliva and almost every food will absorb the alcohol. You will hydrate your body and avoid alcohol breath. When you go to a bar, they often provide different types of snacks. In that process, you won’t only consume drinks; you will be eating food as well. You will have fewer chances get drunk and someone to sense your bad breath.

Use garlic or onion


If you try groceries that have a highly aromatic smell, they can overpower the alcohol in your breath. Especially if you use garlic, it will stay very long on your breath. The downside of this technique is that you will be smelling of garlic or onion instead of alcohol. Some people don’t like this, even though this smell is more socially acceptable, you might still feel uncomfortable.

Put salt in your drinks

It may seem absurd and ridiculous, but people managed to cure their breath by putting salt in drinks. You don’t have to put large amounts, just one pinch. And if you don’t mind having a bit salty drinks, this is a perfect cure for you. No one will be able to notice that you had a few drinks if use salt. This solution is even more acceptable than garlic.