Dental Health

Dental health is something many people tend to forget about, and that bites them back at the later point. People don’t realize how vital the teeth are and they consider them as being strong enough to deal with all kinds of elements. Well, teeth are quite resilient, but some things can damage them easily.

Chocolate is an excellent example of something that can ruin the teeth. And it’s not just chocolate, but everything that contains sugar. And when you consider that the majority of the food contains traces of sugar then you realize how much danger there is to your teeth.

Alcohol and how it ruins teeth

Alcohol destroys teeth in several different ways. The most obvious way it does this is with sugar. Alcohol beverages that contain sugar can have devastating effects on the teeth, especially to the teeth of people who have issues with alcoholism. Of course, this only applies to the alcoholic beverages that contain sugar. Mixing alcohol with non-alcohol beverages creates cocktails also created sugar bombs that destroy teeth at an alarming rate.

Sugar is just one way that alcohol destroys the teeth. Drinks that contain a lot of alcohol can also ruin teeth as they dry out the mouth. The saliva in the mouth protects the teeth from bacteria, and thus it’s important to stay hydrated even when you drink. High-concentration of alcohol dries the mouth and makes it impossible for the saliva to protect teeth.

Colored beverages contain chromogens which tend to attach to enamel that coats the teeth. It doesn’t do it alone, but with the help of acid which is also present in colored beverages. Drinking with a straw reduces the damage, but it doesn’t eliminate it. The best way to avoid teeth damage from this element is to drink beverages that don’t contain artificial coloring.

Other ways in which alcohol impedes dental health

We discussed direct ways in which alcoholic beverages affect the teeth, and that showed you how fragile teeth are when they face alcohol. But other ways in which alcoholism endangers dental health exist. Driving under the influence of alcohol tends to cause many accidents and teeth tend to suffer a lot of damage during them.

A car accident can cause extensive damage to the teeth, and that costs money to fix. But the process of fixing the teeth damage can be quite painful if you tend to drink on a regular basis. The alcohol can act unpredictably if they are mixed with some medications so it can make it impossible for a dentist to use them to numb the pain during the procedure.

Less drinking equals fewer visits to the dentist

We don’t want you to visit us every week due to damage to the teeth that are caused by alcohol. We, doral dentists, want to help you to have healthy teeth, and thus we recommend you to reduce the amount of alcohol you take. This especially applies to drinking and driving as it can endanger your teeth as well as your life.

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