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AUD or alcohol use disorder is the term that doctors use to explain an individual who cannot control the amount of alcohol they drink per one day. People who suffer from this disorder are having troubles on a mental and physical level if they do not take their daily dose of alcohol.

Many do not know but AUD is actually a brain disease and is not to be taken lightly at all. It is a serious condition that needs to be treated medically before it completely ruins the patient. A person who is addicted to alcohol suffers emotional problems and troubles when they do not drink.

AUD The problem occurs when the excessive amount of alcohol starts to change your consciousness. People think that they can fight this problem with the power of their will but, it is not that easy. That is why many people fail to win this fight.

If you think that you need the alcoholism treatment, the best thing to do would be to start with your doctor. The first step towards the resolution of a problem is admitting that you have one in the first place. The patients need to understand what alcohol does to their bodies in order to realize how serious this condition is.

Useful advice on how to fight alcoholism

The more you learn about your treatments, the better you will be able to make some progress. Alcohol can cause bad changes in the chemistry of your brain and those changes are what makes it so hard to quit. You can try to fight it on your own but the efforts you make are simply not enough to beat the addiction.

If you need to establish whether or not you suffer from alcoholism, these are the three most important questions that you need to ask yourself. Do you feel like you have to drink? Can you control how much your drink? Do you feel bad when you do not drink? If the answers to these questions are all yes, you can safely say that you suffer from alcohol use disorder and you need professional help.

If this is the case, you need to set your goals straight. If you really want to stay sober from now on, you need to stop drinking completely, once and for all. In order to do this, you will need a treatment plan. The best thing to do is talk to your doctor and take his or her advice on what to do next.

Facelift surgeries and treatment programs

Since alcohol accelerates the aging process and makes your skin look older, some people decide to go for facelift surgeries to stop the alcohol aftermaths. A vast number of clinics like facelift birmingham clinic offer you “a simulation” of the facelift treatment to show how they will look after the treatment. This treatment regenerates your skin and eliminates wrinkles, giving you a younger look, which is a huge step forward in the whole rehab program.

There are a lot of treatment programs that can help you with your ongoing problem. Depending on the seriousness of your condition, you can either stay at the treatment center or go to the center for treatments from your home. Also, a good thing would be to go to detox. Your body and system will need some time to get rid of the alcohol. This might be uneasy but it will get much better after that. Hold on.

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Treating alcoholism is never an easy task, and it is a topic that not everyone feels comfortable talking about. However, the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem and trying to discuss it with other people. Here is how you can successfully treat alcoholism and what steps you need to undertake if you want to help a loved one overcome this hurdle in life.

Helping With Love

AlcoholHelping someone overcome their alcoholism can be difficult and doing it with love is necessary. You need to make the person understand that you want to help them because you love them. There is a great example that was posted online – a woman had became pregnant but did not tell her husband at first. Later on, when she saw there was no coming back, she went for 3d ultrasound houston facility and took a picture of their upcoming baby with the intention of showing it to her husband.

Later on, when he saw a picture of a little baby, the husband decided to give up on drinking and managed to escape the claws of addiction. Just for the record, pregnancy ultrasound houston facility provides its patients 3d baby ultrasound exam where you can see your baby in 3d. This can be very motivating for people who have problems with addiction, so it is worth considering in case you are pregnant.

Many times it will be draining on you, but you need to understand that it is a form of addiction and addicts go through all stages of recovery and you need to give them as much love and positive energy as possible . The addict can be angry with you, argumentative, they will deny the problem, but you must not give up on helping them. If you give up, it will only make matters worse.

Getting The Addict To A Recovery Institution

It is necessary that you if possible, try to get the addicted person to a recovery institution. This will help them in many ways and not just one. First of all, they will have a professional supervision that will help them overcome their problems. Plus, if they experience any physical discomfort they will be surrounded by a trained, medical staff. In addition to that, they will see that it is something that can affect people from all walks of life and get introduced to people who share their problem they will learn how to overcome it and deal with it.

Getting Them To Visit AA Meetings

AA meetings can be an important tool which can help an addict overcome their addiction. Going to these meetings is nothing to be ashamed of. If the person in question is not willing to start going to these meeting make sure you motivate them by going with them or getting them to the meeting address. After a while, they will make friends there and realize that they share the same problems as many other people who are still giving their best to stay sober.

Find The Root Cause

People reach for substance abuse because they do not want to face the problems they have in their lives. Invite the person to go over what is troubling them with you, or even better with a therapist. Working on sorting out the problems which make them want to escape their reality in the first place will often result in getting sober. There are many reasons why people turn to substance abuse, such as grief, failed expectations, lack of success, material loss, broken heart, but the outcome is the same. Once the substance abuse takes over, it can be difficult to come back to reality and deal with the problems successfully. Make sure you be there as the much necessary support and help them the best way you can.

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If you are one of those people who doesn’t what to stop drinking but simply slow down a bit, then we have prepared a perfect guide for you. Follow the steps bellow, and you won’t have problems.

Drinks with friend can be tempting too much


This socializing can turn up to be an excessive drinking. Once we face reality we realize that we have touched the bottom. If you still want to have drinks at weddings, birthday parties and holidays, reduce the amount of liquor you take, before it’s too late. Avoid going to the bars with your friends too often because in no time you can become an addict.

Deal with your decisions

We know it’s hard to accept that your life has taken a completely different turn. In the beginning, you might deny your condition, saying you aren’t alcoholic and that you don’t need AA meetings. But, that’s the most important thing, to accept your weaknesses and to recognize that you have a problem. Once you accept you have all of this, you can finally move forward.

Start with diversions

The best thing you can do it to create diversions. Think about the thing you always wanted to do, just never had time. Instead of drinking, go to movies, join the gym, read some books, spend more time with your family. Anything that will make you occupied and thinking on other things, instead of booze.

Work more

Find your way to in work and learn to be more productive. If you work more, you won’t have time to think about alcohol. A vast majority of people don’t drink while they work. You can also find a part time job, besides a regular job. In this way, you will feel more positive and happy because you are helping your family more and not as a failure because of the alcohol.

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In the human body, the liver is the second largest organ and one of the most important ones. Liver cleans up your body and destroys harmful toxins. Alcohol has the biggest impact on the liver and slowly destroys its functions. If you change your lifestyle and implement healthy eating habits. As a result, you will have a healthy liver because this is the only organ that regenerates itself.

Decrease alcohol and caffeine intake

Coffee and alcohol are the biggest enemies of the liver. They slowly destroy its functions and may lead to deterioration. If you want to have a healthy liver, try reducing coffee and avoid alcohol completely. You have so many other refreshments that you can use, for example, try natural juices or water. If you drink enough water during the day, you will keep toxins our and your body will be hydrated. In this way, you won’t keep your liver busy too much.

Change your eating habits

Avoid using food that will damage your liver. For example, fast food is full of cholesterol and sugar. Also, food that has been processed too much contains a lot of preservatives and fats. Make sure to avoid fats and implement healthy eating habits, at least for the time you are trying to clean your liver.

Helpful vegetables and fruits


There are a lot of vegetables that can help you clean up your liver. Some of them you might be using, but you just don’t know their purpose. For example, drink lemon water as much as you can, lemon acid is very healthy, not only for your liver but also for the fats in your body because it disposes of them. Increase a daily intake of vegetables and decrease meat. Some vegetables contain beta carotene that stimulates the liver and keeps it in good shape. Garlic get rids of any toxins your liver might have and keep it healthy. Turmeric is one the healthiest spices on the planet; people used it to lose weight and to boost up their metabolism, but turmeric has an extraordinary effect on the liver. It removes the fats, which can be dangerous.

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The U.S. has a strict DUI laws, and if you get caught while drinking and driving, you will face serious charges and probably lose your driving license. Fortunately, breathalyzers are now available to a wider public, and you can find them in different price range. If you are concerned about your safety and how many drinks you can have, consider buying one of those.


BACtrack Select S80

This device is designed to meet rigorous standards that police implies. Since it is approved by U.S. Department of Transportation, people can use it safely because it will show you correct results. It has a power button and display and works on batteries. You should begin your testing 20 minutes after you had your last drink or meal.

AlcoHawk Pro

It is one of the most accurate devices available on the market so far. It is used in hospitals, schools and law enforcement. AlcoHawk Pro show the results quickly, and you don’t have to wait. It works on batteries, and if you don’t insert enough air, it will show the error on display.

Drive safe breath alcohol tester


This device provides you police – accurate results. It comes with a colored display, and each color indicates the level of intoxication, green – good, amber – caution and red – over the limit. The big display allows you to see the results clearly. The big advantage is that recharges under the 30 second, pretty shocking.

BreathKey Breathalyzer

This is the smallest and lightest breathalyzers on the market. Even though is a small device, it has excellent features. You can easily put it on a key chain. With one press of the button, you will receive the result immediately, and they may vary in thousands of a percent. It has simple functions and powerful backlight.

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Being stopped while drinking and driving can be a traumatic experience. Especially if you are in jeopardy to lose your license. Also, court hearings, trials will probably won’t be too appealing. If you are caught while drinking, there are still something you can do, to keep your license.

Avoid getting stopped

alcohol dui

If you have been drinking during the night, think about asking a friend to drive your car, or catch a cab. If these is no other way, make sure that your car is fully operating and that its functions are working properly. In this way, the police won’t have a reason to stop you. Try to minimize your possibilities of getting caught. If you already know where the checkpoints will be, take another route to avoid them.

Be polite to the officer

If you end up getting pulled over, make sure to be very polite and cooperative. Maybe the police officer stopped because of a completely different thing. If not, you can always plead on Fifth, innocent until proven guilty. When an officer asks you if you have been drinking, politely decline. Make sure that Miranda laws don’t apply to DUI. You should remember everything about the questioning and sobriety field test because it can help you further in the case. Try to do the test the best you can, keep calm and collected.

Hire DUI Attorney

A good attorney who has a lot of experience will be able to help you and point you out in the right direction. Together with your attorney, you can challenge the officers to cause for stopping you. In most states, the police officers must have a good reason before he stops an individual. Keep in mind that sobriety test is 65% valid and based on officer’s opinion, so might be able to challenge that. Discuss the case with your attorney and try to get some witnesses that will testify in your advance. You can always consider a plea bargain, this will lead to less harsh punishment and might help you keep your license.

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You must have had situations in your life when you needed to sober up quickly. Whether you were out drinking and then driving, or you just wanted to hide from your parents. No magical formula will make alcohol disappear, but there are things you can do to improve your condition and make yourself presentable. Follow our guide, and you will be sober within an hour.

Stop drinking right away

If you start feeling intoxicated, stop with alcohol immediately. If you can cut off the drinking few hours before you need to drive or go to bed, that would be ideal. The thing that will mostly interest the driver, if you stop drinking at least three hours before you start your ignition, your alcohol level will be within the boundaries. When we say stop the drinking, we don’t mean to go from heavy drinks to beer, instead of using alcohol, sip the water for the rest of the night.


If you haven’t eaten anything before the drinking, that’s probably one of the reasons why you feel drank. Food and significantly reduce the level of alcohol in your blood. If you are out, many bars offer snacks with drinks, but in some cases, this won’t be enough. Depending on the level of intoxication. What you need is a heavy carb meal to soak all that alcohol.

Drink water

Alcohol makes your body lose the water, so it is very important to stay hydrated during the night and after drinking. If you are in the bar or at some night club, with every cup of alcohol drink one cup of water. It will significantly reduce the drinking process; you will stay hydrated and in the same time you will avoid the hangover the next morning.

Take a coffee


Try to drink the strongest coffee you can find. Keep in mind that coffee will dehydrate as well, so make sure to drink some water. For some, coffee doesn’t represent any problems; they can fall asleep right away. But, for others, coffee makes them awake at least couple of hours.

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Alcoholism is a sneaky disease, and you don’t become alcoholic immediately. If your life other involves going to the bars and spending every weekend at some party, you will have a hard time in keeping things under control. Often people cross the line and start drinking excessively, even during the day. Here is what you need to do before alcoholism becomes your reality.

Slow down with drinking

It is best to keep the alcohol outside of your house before it becomes your daily routine. If your house is stocked with liquor, you will often be tempted to use it. The best way is to keep your house full of other refreshments, like tea, sodas, juices, if you have the need to drink something. On the other hand, if you don’t want to stop drinking, at least make sure to reduce it. Use reasonable amounts during the day.

Avoid drinking when you are sad

People often tend to drink then they don’t feel good. Sometimes when they are bored, lonely and stressed. Any emotional state can influence your daily use of alcohol, especially if it’s sadness. Don’t try to find the way out in the alcohol; you will only make things worse. If you are having some emotional problems often, alcohol can only turn you into an addict.


Do activities that don’t involve bars

If bars are your first stop after work, or if you tend to go there every few days, you already lost your touch with reality. Try to change something, avoid these risky places and go somewhere else. For example, you can go to the movies, start exercising, join a gym, start running, anything that will keep your mind out of alcohol. You will feel more refreshed and full of positive energy, while alcohol will only make you feel dull.

Become friend with people who don’t drink

In some way, your friend and relatives shape you, if you start hanging out with people who don’t drink, you won’t be tempted to drink as well. You will feel even embarrassed because you are the only one who is drinking, and that’s the point. To get rid of the alcohol.

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