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Allow life to thrive, don’t drink and drive

The U.S. has a strict DUI laws, and if you get caught while drinking and driving, you will face serious charges and probably lose your driving license. Fortunately, breathalyzers are now available to a wider public, and you can find them in different price range. If you are concerned about your safety and how many drinks you can have, consider buying one of those.


BACtrack Select S80

This device is designed to meet rigorous standards that police implies. Since it is approved by U.S. Department of Transportation, people can use it safely because it will show you correct results. It has a power button and display and works on batteries. You should begin your testing 20 minutes after you had your last drink or meal.

AlcoHawk Pro

It is one of the most accurate devices available on the market so far. It is used in hospitals, schools and law enforcement. AlcoHawk Pro show the results quickly, and you don’t have to wait. It works on batteries, and if you don’t insert enough air, it will show the error on display.

Drive safe breath alcohol tester


This device provides you police – accurate results. It comes with a colored display, and each color indicates the level of intoxication, green – good, amber – caution and red – over the limit. The big display allows you to see the results clearly. The big advantage is that recharges under the 30 second, pretty shocking.

BreathKey Breathalyzer

This is the smallest and lightest breathalyzers on the market. Even though is a small device, it has excellent features. You can easily put it on a key chain. With one press of the button, you will receive the result immediately, and they may vary in thousands of a percent. It has simple functions and powerful backlight.

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Being stopped while drinking and driving can be a traumatic experience. Especially if you are in jeopardy to lose your license. Also, court hearings, trials will probably won’t be too appealing. If you are caught while drinking, there are still something you can do, to keep your license.

Avoid getting stopped

alcohol dui

If you have been drinking during the night, think about asking a friend to drive your car, or catch a cab. If these is no other way, make sure that your car is fully operating and that its functions are working properly. In this way, the police won’t have a reason to stop you. Try to minimize your possibilities of getting caught. If you already know where the checkpoints will be, take another route to avoid them.

Be polite to the officer

If you end up getting pulled over, make sure to be very polite and cooperative. Maybe the police officer stopped because of a completely different thing. If not, you can always plead on Fifth, innocent until proven guilty. When an officer asks you if you have been drinking, politely decline. Make sure that Miranda laws don’t apply to DUI. You should remember everything about the questioning and sobriety field test because it can help you further in the case. Try to do the test the best you can, keep calm and collected.

Hire DUI Attorney

A good attorney who has a lot of experience will be able to help you and point you out in the right direction. Together with your attorney, you can challenge the officers to cause for stopping you. In most states, the police officers must have a good reason before he stops an individual. Keep in mind that sobriety test is 65% valid and based on officer’s opinion, so might be able to challenge that. Discuss the case with your attorney and try to get some witnesses that will testify in your advance. You can always consider a plea bargain, this will lead to less harsh punishment and might help you keep your license.

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You must have had situations in your life when you needed to sober up quickly. Whether you were out drinking and then driving, or you just wanted to hide from your parents. No magical formula will make alcohol disappear, but there are things you can do to improve your condition and make yourself presentable. Follow our guide, and you will be sober within an hour.

Stop drinking right away

If you start feeling intoxicated, stop with alcohol immediately. If you can cut off the drinking few hours before you need to drive or go to bed, that would be ideal. The thing that will mostly interest the driver, if you stop drinking at least three hours before you start your ignition, your alcohol level will be within the boundaries. When we say stop the drinking, we don’t mean to go from heavy drinks to beer, instead of using alcohol, sip the water for the rest of the night.


If you haven’t eaten anything before the drinking, that’s probably one of the reasons why you feel drank. Food and significantly reduce the level of alcohol in your blood. If you are out, many bars offer snacks with drinks, but in some cases, this won’t be enough. Depending on the level of intoxication. What you need is a heavy carb meal to soak all that alcohol.

Drink water

Alcohol makes your body lose the water, so it is very important to stay hydrated during the night and after drinking. If you are in the bar or at some night club, with every cup of alcohol drink one cup of water. It will significantly reduce the drinking process; you will stay hydrated and in the same time you will avoid the hangover the next morning.

Take a coffee


Try to drink the strongest coffee you can find. Keep in mind that coffee will dehydrate as well, so make sure to drink some water. For some, coffee doesn’t represent any problems; they can fall asleep right away. But, for others, coffee makes them awake at least couple of hours.

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Alcoholism is a sneaky disease, and you don’t become alcoholic immediately. If your life other involves going to the bars and spending every weekend at some party, you will have a hard time in keeping things under control. Often people cross the line and start drinking excessively, even during the day. Here is what you need to do before alcoholism becomes your reality.

Slow down with drinking

It is best to keep the alcohol outside of your house before it becomes your daily routine. If your house is stocked with liquor, you will often be tempted to use it. The best way is to keep your house full of other refreshments, like tea, sodas, juices, if you have the need to drink something. On the other hand, if you don’t want to stop drinking, at least make sure to reduce it. Use reasonable amounts during the day.

Avoid drinking when you are sad

People often tend to drink then they don’t feel good. Sometimes when they are bored, lonely and stressed. Any emotional state can influence your daily use of alcohol, especially if it’s sadness. Don’t try to find the way out in the alcohol; you will only make things worse. If you are having some emotional problems often, alcohol can only turn you into an addict.


Do activities that don’t involve bars

If bars are your first stop after work, or if you tend to go there every few days, you already lost your touch with reality. Try to change something, avoid these risky places and go somewhere else. For example, you can go to the movies, start exercising, join a gym, start running, anything that will keep your mind out of alcohol. You will feel more refreshed and full of positive energy, while alcohol will only make you feel dull.

Become friend with people who don’t drink

In some way, your friend and relatives shape you, if you start hanging out with people who don’t drink, you won’t be tempted to drink as well. You will feel even embarrassed because you are the only one who is drinking, and that’s the point. To get rid of the alcohol.

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Last night you attended the wildest party so far, but now the reality has kicked in, and you woke up with terrible pains. You have terrible feeling in your stomach and your head might explode. Don’t worry we have a cure for you, follow these steps and you will be good as new in no time.

Start with water


It is important to find the relief immediately. The water may seem ridiculously simple, but while you are falling apart, you need to keep your body hydrated. Drink up to eight glasses of water, slowly, during the morning. The alcohol makes your body lose the water if you keep your body hydrated you won’t have problems.

Get some medicine

A great pain reliever can help you a lot. When you consume alcohol, it widens your blood vessels, and if the vessels around the brain are widened, it will cause you a headache, similar to a migraine. Pain relievers won’t make you healthier, but they will take away the pain. You can choose between Advil, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen.

Eat something

Even though eating might seem nauseating, plain bread or toast will make wonders for you. Your stomach will start working, and food will increase the level of sugar in your body. While alcohol makes it drop. Try to eat as many fruits as you can, because you will need healthy vitamins to go through the day.

Get enough sleep

When you drink too much, your body don’t usually enter the R.E.M. phase. It is a stage when you go into a deep sleep, and your body recovers during the night. After you perform the previous steps, crawl back in your bed, use your favorite blanket, put some music on and they to catch a few more hours of sleep. Once you wake up, your body will be restored.

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Self – detox alcohol guide

There are around 12 million of alcoholics in the United States, and a vast majority of them needs help in quitting. The first and the most important step is admitting that you suffer from this addiction and later comes detoxification. Some people need medical help, while others decide to use self – detox, as long as their doctor agrees with it.

detox time

Make the decision

Usually, alcoholics aren’t aware of their condition until their life starts to fall apart. After you consume alcohol for some time, you are in jeopardy do develop a serious addiction. If you are drinking alone, or in the morning, or when you feel sad, or you have difficulties to stop, then you are to rocky ice. Once you decide you need to quit drinking, the first thing you should do is to evaluate your goals. Talk with your friends and families and tell them your decision and ask for their support. Revealing your weaknesses won’t be easy, but it’s a way towards recovery.

Get read of the temptations

The next step would be to remove the alcohol from your home, in this way you won’t be tempted to use it again. At the beginning of self – detox treatment, you might not be able to control your urges and cravings, so don’t try to tempt yourself. Get help outside your comfort zone. You can always choose some AA group where you can discuss your problems without judgment. After all, you will be surrounded with people who have the same problems.

Prepare for detox

You should visit your doctor before you make any decision. Detox can be very dangerously if you don’t do it in a proper way. Your doctor will be able to give you good advice, what to do and what to avoid. Withdrawal phase can have a negative influence on your mental health, make sure to have some friends or relatives staying with you. It would last about one week. Once you managed to clean your body from alcohol, make sure you keep it that way. Use exercises and running to keep your mind off the booze. Intake a lot of water and healthy nutrients to keep your body in shape. Every day try to encourage yourself in many different ways.

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Beat the DUI in 5 ways

Beat the DUI in 5 ways

Posted By on Feb 1, 2017

In every state of U.S. driving under the influence of alcohol or some substances is highly punishable. If a person if driving under the influence, he can have his license revoked and maybe get some jail time. These punishments won’t only affect you, but your family as well. With everything said, some things can help you avoid DUI and even charges reduced.

Avoid DUI arrest

It is one of the first things that are still up to you. If you plan to drive, don’t get drunk or at least keep that level up to .08%, which is the legal limit. Before you start to drink, make sure to know how many drinks you can have before you reach the upper limit. Different factors may influence on that, such as body weight and, metabolism. If you are taking some medications, make sure to know the side effects. You can always try public transportation or taxi if you don’t feel good enough to drive.

Understand the DUI laws

Every state has different laws, which apply differently. If you get familiar with these laws, you have better chances of avoiding the DUI arrest. Find about BAC levels, fines, jail time and restrictions. Researching the laws regarding your state is important. It will help you anticipate the problems in advance. Make sure to find the examples of your case, if you are caught drunk driving.

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Make sure to know everything about tests

There are different types of tests police officers use to determine whether the individual is drunk. The first one is the field sobriety test; you will be asked to take it on the spot. The second one is a chemical test, where the police will test your blood and urine samples. It is important to remember everything about these tests because you might be able to use something to your advantage. You can always decline the test, but in the court, you will be considered guilty.

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If you enjoy drinking alcohol, but afraid you will embarrass yourself if someone notices your alcohol breath, we have a great guide for you. Whether you are going to some function or an event, you don’t want to smell on booze. Fortunately, some tricks can help you get rid of that nasty smell.

Eat and drink

Try eating before and while you drink because the food can help you lower down the alcohol breath. While you eat, your mouth will produce more saliva and almost every food will absorb the alcohol. You will hydrate your body and avoid alcohol breath. When you go to a bar, they often provide different types of snacks. In that process, you won’t only consume drinks; you will be eating food as well. You will have fewer chances get drunk and someone to sense your bad breath.

Use garlic or onion


If you try groceries that have a highly aromatic smell, they can overpower the alcohol in your breath. Especially if you use garlic, it will stay very long on your breath. The downside of this technique is that you will be smelling of garlic or onion instead of alcohol. Some people don’t like this, even though this smell is more socially acceptable, you might still feel uncomfortable.

Put salt in your drinks

It may seem absurd and ridiculous, but people managed to cure their breath by putting salt in drinks. You don’t have to put large amounts, just one pinch. And if you don’t mind having a bit salty drinks, this is a perfect cure for you. No one will be able to notice that you had a few drinks if use salt. This solution is even more acceptable than garlic.

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It is one of the most important steps to get back your life on the track, but also it can be a challenging road. If you have a car insurance, you will be able to retrieve your driving license again. It is a crucial thing if you depend on the car, to go to work or to support your family. It can happen to everyone; you just need to put this behind you and rectify your actions.

Understand the situation

You need to realize that this isn’t going to be a cheap and easy process. If you were caught drunk driving, then your insurance company will likely to put you in high – risk category. In most cases, this means bigger costs. They won’t risk with you and depending on your policy, type of car, insurance these costs can go up to $9,000.

Fight the charge

With the help of a good attorney, you can always fight these charges. He might the be able to reduce your charges without taking your license away. The insurance company won’t check your case if you don’t ask them to. In some states, unless your charges are dropped, DUI will be visible on your record. It can last between 3 and ten years for the state to clean your record. So, be careful!

Request quotes from insurance companies


The are many companies online which promote their services for DUI drivers. There are many factors you need to consider before hiring the one. For example, the severity of your charges, driving record, state, the actual insurance you need and so on. Whatever agency you come across, as from them to send you the quotes. Once you compare their services and prices, you will know which agency to choose.

Choose between several policies

The non-owner policy is for a person who doesn’t own a car but still occasionally drives. It will satisfy states laws, and you will be able to borrow or rent a car.
Assigned risk program is specially designed for people who have a hard time to qualify for the insurance policy. This program can be expensive, use it as your last solution.
SR – 22 requirements, this is a certificate you will fill in after you have acquired a car insurance.

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4 ways to trick breathalyzer

Every person is pulled at least once by the police officer due to DUI. If you take a road side test, that doesn’t incriminate you in the court, but if you are lead to the station to take a test, the that is a completely different scenario. If alcohol is found in your blood, you will be charged. Fortunately, there are still few tricks that can help you.

Be polite to officer

If you are stopped during a routine check, don’t look to suspicions and cooperate with the police officer. Demonstrate that you are in control and that you can control your motions. Be careful not to reveal too many information about your previous activities. Be friendly and polite.


If you are still asked to take a test, and you have been drinking in the past hour, your best chances to pass it is to hyperventilate. Take a few fast breaths and forcefully exhale them. With this, you have a good chance to reduce the level by 11%, which will be quite enough if you are just above the legal limit.


Decrease your exhale

When you blow into the breathalyzer, decrease your exhale and keep it short. Some devices used for roadside testing, use samples as the exhale decries and this breath comes from the deepest part of your lounges. If you keep your breath short, you will have better chances to get lower results.

Make sure to trigger the device

If the device can’t pick up your breath from the first two attempts, the police officer may consider this as a refusal to comply with his order. If you aren’t able to trick the device, stop trying, you will only end up in bigger trouble, which can lead you to DUI conviction followed with other consequences.

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It is a steep road, especially if this is your first offense. What you think is a mitigating circumstance, but the state doesn’t share your opinion. Prosecutors are pretty determined in their claims since you represent a threat to public safety.

Hire an attorney

When a case is a lead against you, an attorney help is of vital importance. You need to find the best attorney, able to present your case and defend you on the court. Use the internet, or ask a friend for a recommendation. The good attorney usually sticks out, but keep in mind that there are so many great attorneys out there who don’t have a good ad. Before deciding for one, interview them all, ask them questions and compare their services, then choose the one you think is right.

Prepare for your case

It is important to know what you are fighting against. Evaluate the evidence and discuss them with your lawyer. Depending on what evidence prosecution has against you, you might be able to build a strong case. Examine the reason why were you stopped at first place. If the police officer didn’t have probable cause, that fact could be used as evidence in your advantage. Consider you physical and medical conditions, if you have any, they can interfere with the results. Also, you can interview the witnesses, if someone was in a car with you, it could testify on how many drinks did you have.

Make an arrangement with a prosecutor

Many states have driving schools, and if you hasten and finish your school in the record time, you will send a positive signal to a prosecutor. And how seriously you are taking this matter. You attorney which school to choose and how many classes you will need to attend. Schedule a meeting with substance abused professional; he will evaluate your state and give you recommendations, if you have a serious problem with alcohol. With this act, you don’t admit that you are guilty, just that you need help. Your attorney can always negotiate with a prosecutor and try to plea a barging. The weaker case you have, the better the chances are for a drop.

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Not every person absorbs the alcohol in the same way. In most states, it’s illegal to drive with or above .08% of alcohol in the blood. Depending on human metabolism or weight there are a lot of factors which will influence on his alcohol blood level. You can’t find the precise formula that will tell you how many drinks you can have, without reaching the upper level.

Using the charts

Drinks are usually measured with ounces; one drink will contain 1.5 ounces of hard liquor, 12 ounces of beer and 5 ounces of wine. Depending on weight, a person who has from 100 to 120 pounds with three drinks will reach the limit of .08%. If a person has a weight between 140 and 160, he will reach this limit with four drinks. From 180 and 200 pounds, the limit is five drinks and the last category from 220 to 250 the limit is six drinks.

Which tools to use to avoid DUI

Since we live in a modem age, most of the gadgets that police use, now are available to us too. If you don’t want to spend money on breathalyzers, you can always research online how many drinks you can have, before you reach the limit. You can find different types of calculator or chart, and you can easily determine the amount the liquor you are allowed to drink. Keep in mind that these charts are general and that each body is different. To be sure, always have one glass less, then presented in charts.


Many factories make small and handy breathalyzers, which are convenient for use. They are about cell phone size and powered by batteries. Their price goes from $4 up to $200. Be aware of cheaper models because they may show false results.

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People often misunderstand what double jeopardy is and how is connected to DUI. In cases when a person is arrested for DUI, his license is take away by the officer who performed the arrest. He is also given the notice to appear in court, facing potential criminal charges for DUI.

Two different terms

These are two completely different procedures. For example, if a person is driving with blood alcohol of .08% he will be suspended, and a police officer will exclude him from the traffic. In most states of U.S., this the upper limit person is allowed to have. On the other hand, apart from this arrest, he will face two separate offenses. First one, driving under the influence of alcohol and second, driving with .08% of alcohol in his blood. In this case, even though he performed only one ride, he will be prosecuted for two different crimes. A person can be convicted for both violations, but only charged for one.

dui cost

It doesn’t get better

We have a situation where a driver is already punished for driving under the influence; he broke the upper limit of .08%; his license has been suspended, and motor vehicle agency is in charged for that. If later state manages to prove a case against him for drunk driving, he is about to be punished again. It may involve a monetary fine, jail, DUI school and so on. In most cases, his license will be revoked.

By our Fifth Amendment, a person cannot be punished two times for the same crime. Cleary, we are witnessing here an exception to the Constitution. The court clearly struggles here when DUI and double jeopardy is involved, but still, it can charge a person for two separate crimes. Even though, we are discussing here only one violation which is alcohol abuse. The person has been charged with DUI and breaking the upper limit of alcohol in the blood, which is .08%. Of course, people have the opportunity to fight these decisions if they hire a good defense lawyer. The court may take into consideration if this is the first-time event.

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